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About Kennel

The Kennel „Pod Jablonia” welcome all interested in Retrievers
but especially fans of Labrador Retriever and all who wants
to become acquainted with the smallest of retrievers
– Nova Scotia Duck Tooling Retriever.

Pestka (VEGA CHOCKO), LINDA pod Jabłonią i Adela (ECHO Ingver)

“Pod Jablonia” is a home kennel of two breeds: Labrador Retriever and Nova Scotia Duck Tooling Retriever.
Nova Scotia Duck Tooling Retriever “Toller” is the smallest from the retrievers’ group. Easy to handle, obedient and always happy, it is a very good family dog. It is very eager to take a part in the games on fresh air, it retrieves splendidly. Grateful companion for those who doesn’t have a big experience with handling a dog. It requires almost no grooming.

I  have  been  interested in dogs since I remember but with cynology I
had first experience in 1985, when after buying my firs pure breed dog, I become a member of Polish Kennel Club. Since that time my wonderful adventure with cynology stared and is for me a passion, sport and also a big art.
First Labradors were born in my kennel in 1995. Now I’m happy that many Labradors born in my home got appreciation in the eyes of judges winning high places and titles. Here I would like to thank to all who made the effort to show their dogs the best they could.
Labradors with the affix “Pod Jablonia” are not only a show dogs, they are also a dogs of higher utility, so the rescue dogs, dogs who work in dog therapy, dogs trained for handicap people or dogs trained for hunting purposes.

Dogoterapia w szkole integracyjnej w Żywcu

Quite big number of females from my kennel were the foundation females of new kennels in Poland such as:
•       "z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury" from Lachowice
•       "Kwiat Morza" from Radomsko
•       "Saracenia" from Poznan
•       "spod Orlików" from Bielsko Biala
•       "Leminiscatus" from Cracovie
•       "Niskowiaki" from Niskowa near  Nowy Sącz
•       "od Marka Pollo" from Nowy Sącz
•       "Progresja".

Their show success and breeding achievements are for me a great joy

Anna Polak